Mr Den & Phetus Profiled in Newsday

Newsday recently stopped by the studio to see what we’re up to, and we had plenty to show them. Phetus spoke to reporters on how he got into the designer toy game, and Mr Den demonstrates how we design and produce product in house.

Mr. Den was also quoted in a longer article about the popularity of designer toys, a medium Elite Gudz artists have been working in for years, most recently shown at Dunny & Sketchbot shows.

The aesthetic ranges from cute and quirky…to dark and edgy. …But producing a finished product is no easy task. It can take eight hours to multiple days, depending on what you’re making, says Denny “Mr. Den” Ramos, 38, of Central Islip, a graphic and product designer at Elite Gudz – a Farmingdale design studio that specializes in comics, street art, toys and software.

The full article can be found on

Phetus exclusives now at Genuine Artikle in Lake Ronkonkoma

East-enders get a dose of the Phat Phace. Phetus exclusives now at Genuine Artikle in Lake Ronkonkoma.

Genuine Artikle is nested in the village of Lake Rokonkoma Long Island New York.  They represent the best of true underground artists featuring paintings, hosting art shows, urban vinyl, blind box, DIY designer toys, handmade apparel and accessories from designers worldwide.

Phetus’ Goons & Sketchbots at Munky King

West Coast fans can see Phetus’ work at the Sketchbot Custom Show V2 at Munky King, LA. The show will run from tonight until December 24; check out Munky King for more details.

Covering 516: Phetus Exclusives at Street Gear NYC

With NYC conquered we’ve moved on to our own turf.  Street Gear NYC has partnered up to sell Phetus Exclusives.  I AM L.I., Goons & Bots, and Concrete Immortalz gear available right in the middle of Long Island.

Street Gear NYC stocks the biggest brands and hottest indies on the urban scene. They have everything you need for head to toe phreshness, including the latest Phetus Exclusives.

Street Gear NYC
245 Fulton Avenue
Hempstead, NY

Hours: Monday-Sunday, 10-7

Support your local Art Shop: Concrete Immortalz @ Da Bakery & Genuine Artikle

Last week Suckpax 2 &The Art Hustle brought us back to our childhood when we dropped all our milk money on trading cards. This week we revive the good old days when you had to leave the house for new comics. Whether you’re in the city or on the fishtail, Concrete Immortalz is now in stock at a store near you.
In the dismal future of NYC , The Wall Lord tags the sterile buildings of the new regime with messages of resistance to inspire the city’s oppressed. But how long can he run from the Vandal Squad, and his painful past? Featuring art by Phetus, Concrete Immortalz explores the true power of graffiti and the role of art in society.

Now available at:

Da Bakery NYC
1700 Southern Blvd
Bronx, NY 10460
Genuine Artikle
527 Hawkins Avenue
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

While you’re there check out the latest Phetus Exclusives to layer up on these chilly November days.

Phetus Exclusives in Phlushing @ Toy Qube

Stores all over NYC are grabbing up the new Phetus Exclusives, and Toy Qube boutique is now selling some of our hottest designs.

Toy Qube represents the best goods from street culture, pop art and the exploding toy scene. Located straight out of the Q borough in Flushing, TQ is known for its toys, art & clothing from the modern urban-pop scene. Toy Qube carries Phetus custom sculptures, fine art, and now Phetus Exclusives clothing are available in-store.

Toy Qube
3706 Prince Street
Flushing, Queens, NY 11354
Hours: Monday-Sunday 12-9

Love Him or Trade Him; Phetus Profiled in The Art Hustle 2

This just in: Phetus will have his own card in The Art Hustle 2. The Art Hustle series of trading cards profile artists with backgrounds in street art, illustration, aerosol art and more. With a Phetus card on the way for next year’s release, this is going to be a must-have set.

The announcement was made at Suckadelic’s 1st Annual 2nd Avenue Trading Card Convention & Swap Meet at Toy Tokyo.

Artists & card lovers came around to hear the news and celebrate the release of Suckpax 2. Old-school wax-wrapper cards that bring back the good old days of trading, Suckpax 2 features exclusive sketch cards from Elite Gudz’ own Phetus & Mr. Den.
Original Topps Star Wars Galaxy Series 5 sketch cards were also on display, featuring work by our own Mr Den & Rolo. Den’s signature owls became the newest sidekick to Darth Vader, and Rolo reinterpreted some of Mos Eisley’s favorite barflys.
Star Wars, Suckpax & shout-outs from The Art Hustle; it was a great night to be in NYC.

November 5 @ Toy Tokyo Underground

Weekend after halloween, do something mellow; go to an art show. Nov. 5 swing by the The 1st Annual 2nd Avenue Trading Card Convention & Swap Meet @ Toy Tokyo Underground. Our buddies at Suckadelic are hosting the show, auction, & release of Suckpax  2, which includes exclusive artist sketch cards from Elite Gudz’ s Phetus and Mr. Den. Along with new Star Wars Galaxy 5 sketch cards, 75 contributing artists and promised random surprises, this show is sure to be a fantastic night.

November 5 @ Toy Tokyo Underground

91 Second Ave. NYC


There will be Beer (thanks Beerlao)

Comic Con Videos! Rejected Costumes & Shenanigins!

If you want a real taste of San Diego Comic Con 2010, Elite Gudz has wrapped up all the comics, costumes, booth babes and shenanigans into these videos. This is how you do Comic Con.


The Elite Gudz Graffiti Spray Can App for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, hit #1 on the iTunes Store Charts worldwide within its first week of release and was downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.

The all-new FREE App, which is available for download right now, hit #1 in the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Turkey, Germany, France, Brazil, Portugal, Switzerland, Lebanon, Slovakia, South Africa, Indonesia and Luxembourg.

Elite Gudz spokesperson Maurice Freedman commented on the success of the application stating, “We are very proud of the team, and how the new app is being received. It only motivates us to continue supporting the art of Graffiti, and of course, more apps like the Graffiti Spray Can App highlight this. There is so much more to come. I know fans will be excited for what we have in store.”

Project lead Brian Ferrara says, “We have been listening to the fans and reading the comments. We are dedicated to giving our customers everything they are asking for and more of what they are already enjoying. The first of many updates is coming soon and includes new content and features that will make a lot of people very happy. We are not only looking to make this the best Graffiti App available, but one of the best Apps available in general.”

Graffiti Spray Can App Update #1 Wiil Include –

• Camera Support
• Import Backgrounds from photo albums

• Streamlined Background Interface

• Background pack featuring the UK, Canada, Luxembourg, Paris, Mexico and Greece

• Enhanced Memory Caching

You can download the “Graffiti Spray Can” App directly from iTunes by clicking here –

Or, search for “Graffiti Spray Can” through the App Store from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.