San Diego Cat-ic Con

Techno Kitten will be at Booth 1737 with our friends at Terminal Press at San Diego Comic Con this week. Come show your kitteh love and download Techno Kitten Adventure on your iPhone, iPod or iPad to get really cool cat stuff. techno kitten adventure

*Get a brand new, we’ve-never-given-this-out-before STICKER when you review & 5 star Techno Kitten on your iOS device. Don’t have one? Bring someone who does to the booth, get them to download it, and you BOTH get stickers. Sweet!

*Get a con exclusive COMIC when you unlock all in-game kittehs and some back to see us.

Kitteh’ll also be taking pictures, dancing around, and wandering throughout the con. For updates, pictured and other goodies throughout the week follow us on Facebook and teh Twitter.

Going to E3? Techno Kitten Is.

Tuesday morning Techno Kitten and his backup dancers will be partying on set at Good Day LA. Then the happy hardcore party moves to E3 at noon and will have dancing kittens, brightly colored prizes and a rare happy hardcore music mix. Be on time, the party only lasts for 3 songs…

RSVP here.

Can’t be at the rave? See us on Good Day LA Tuesday morning (unless some major celeb dies) and download Techno Kitten Adventure on Tuesday.

“We Bomb” Preview Clip

Full track + video drop on May 24.

Back to Innovate, Captivate Toy Fair 2011

Elite Gudz Speaker Dock

Preview of Toy Fair 2011: Elite Gudz Speaker Dock

The 2011 American International Toy Fair marks Elite Gudz’ second year as invited exhibitors in the industry-exclusive event. This year Elite Gudz will present show-goers with a display of live painting and sculpture, unifying their Designer Platform Accessories and Mobile Applications.

Elite Gudz will exhibit a line of Mobile Device and Tablet accessories that are as stylized as their applications, bridging the worlds of designer goods and designer apps.

The artists of Elite Gudz will be customizing their creations throughout the four day event. Artists on hand include Phetus, Mr. Den, Rolo Ledesma, Narek Gevorgian, Nemo and several other special guests.

Those who are attending Toy Fair 2011 can see the next step in Designer Applications and Accessories at the Elite Gudz Booth, #4955, February 13-16 at the Jacob Javitz Center in NYC.

10 Dec 2010, 12:21pm
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Mr. Den, Phetus & The Almighty Dunny

Custom Dunnies by our own Mr. Den and Phetus will be on display and on sale at Halycon this weekend.

Check out a little preview of what’s to come:

Genuine Artikle and Halycon present The Almighty Dunny Show Halycon
57 Pearl Street
Brooklyn, NY

Opening Reception on Saturday, December 1, 7:00pm-10:00pm

Like what you see? The Almighty Dunny will be on display until 6 on Sunday. Full details from Halycon here.


Best NYE App – Champagne Popper – Coming SOON!

Coming soon from Elite Gudz! The most important NYE iPhone app EVER.

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Phetus’ Goons & Sketchbots at Munky King

West Coast fans can see Phetus’ work at the Sketchbot Custom Show V2 at Munky King, LA. The show will run from tonight until December 24; check out Munky King for more details.

November 5 @ Toy Tokyo Underground

Weekend after halloween, do something mellow; go to an art show. Nov. 5 swing by the The 1st Annual 2nd Avenue Trading Card Convention & Swap Meet @ Toy Tokyo Underground. Our buddies at Suckadelic are hosting the show, auction, & release of Suckpax  2, which includes exclusive artist sketch cards from Elite Gudz’ s Phetus and Mr. Den. Along with new Star Wars Galaxy 5 sketch cards, 75 contributing artists and promised random surprises, this show is sure to be a fantastic night.

November 5 @ Toy Tokyo Underground

91 Second Ave. NYC


There will be Beer (thanks Beerlao)