Techno Kitten Adventure
Navigate a kitten by jetpack, fueled by hopes and dreams, through a fantastical world of techno music. Top Rated & Top Downloaded on the Xbox Indie Market, the Techno Kitten is just starting on a journey of fantastic adventures.
Techno Kitten Adventure
The only AUTHENTIC Graffiti Spray Can app available, created by iconic graffiti writer Phetus and the crew at the Elite Gudz studio in New York, is now bigger, better and available on iPhone, iPad, Android and Facebook!
Techno Kitten Adventure
After receiving millions of downloads on the original Graffiti Spray Can, Elite Gudz combed all of the comments and feedback to include the top requested features along with a complete graphical and interface overhaul. Graffiti Spray Can PRO enables anyone to create impressive artwork and share it around the world, all from their iPhone
Graffiti Spray Can 2
The #1 Entertainment app Graffiti Spray Can gets an upgrade on the iPad. Check out our new interface, variety of tips, backgrounds, drip paints, artist fonts, stencils, and music player for the newest and hottest in Hip-Hop and additional features requested by over 4 million fans.
Graffiti Spray Can
Graffiti Spray Can
The Graffiti Spray Can app features realistic shake animations, rattle sounds and true-to-life colors used by some of the world's greatest graffiti artists. Touch-screen spray action and tools like changeable caps, camera functionality and dozens of backgrounds put creativity at your fingertips. Share your art through Facebook, Twitter, Email and on the Wall of Immortalz Photo Community.
Zombie Bomb
The Ultimate Zombie App. Featuring over 200 writers and artists joining forces to bring you the baddest bunch of Zombie stories ever assembled. Full color and undead just for you.
Graffiti Wallpapers HD
Graffiti Wallpapers HD: Graffiti Backgrounds optimized for retina display and in HD for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. The first round of free Wallpapers feature the Graffiti Artwork of Phetus.

Do some modern-day bombing with digital graffiti on your phone!
Goons & Bots Home Run
One of the top events in baseball comes to the iPhone with with a twist. Team up with the Goons & Bots to see if you can hit enough homers to get to the majors.
Goons & Bots
Goons & Bots invade your nightstand! Go to sleep with the Bots and wake with the Goons with this free animated cartoon clock. Designed with Vivid Retina Display enhanced graphics, original music, weather, calendar and full alarm capabilities.
Concrete Immortalz Comic
The Concrete Immortalz are the voice of the masses, using aerosol as a medium for social justice and resistance. With nods to the great writers and elements from graffiti culture, this comic series explores the role of art in society as only renegade artists can. Now, the Wall Lord comes with you on your mobile device. Contains English, Spanish & French editions.
Spray Face App
At Sullie's Jerk Chicken Diner, things get really messy. Take any photo, choose something gooey at the counter and Spray away. Share photos with family and friends after you hit em' with Spray Face.

Photo Shuffle Cubez
The power to create custom Cubez right at your fingertips. Based on Elite Gudz' art installations, Cubez are interchangeable rotating squares that create a number of experiences by remixing images at will. Add personal pictures and artwork to create your own virtual Cubez.
Maxim Champagne Popper
Maxim Magazine and Elite Gudz team up to count down the New Year in style. Choose from a variety of labels to shake, aim and pop. Champagne Popper lets you share the celebration over Twitter, Facebook and text messages so you can be the first to wish your friends and loved ones a Happy New Year.
Elite Gudz Comic Reader
Download and read comics right on your iPhone, iPad or iTouch. Experience Concrete Immortalz and other comics the way they were meant to be enjoyed, with their own soundtracks and colors that aren't limited by printing. Features books from Elite Gudz, Terminal Press and select publishers and creators.
OCD Light switch
A serious study into the psychological effects of compulsion disorders on alternating currents. Hyperinteractive binary actions allow users to turn the switch both on and off. The more you flick, the closer you are to unlocking secret messages that are sure to enlighten you.
OCD Door Lock
The most realistic door locking and unlocking application in the world. Complete with two action-packed options, your progress is accurately recorded. A high-tech counter also records the progress of the user and encourages them to seek help when obsessions start to interfere with daily life.
OCD Door Bell
From the completely unqualified scientific research team that brought you the OCD Light Switch and OCD Door Lock comes OCD Doorbell! Our top scientists have found a brilliant way to escape the anxiety and panic that keeps you fixated on the Doorbell, away from the outside world and important daily tasks, poking, buzzing and dinging, over and over until it feels just right.
Fart Spray Can
Dr. Eli T. Gudz will redefine your expectations for a classic prank. Features over 80 sound options that can be mixed and remastered to the user's whimsy. Choose from 9 different cans scientifically proven to be hilarious. There's no limit to the pranks you can play with this app.